Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I apologize for the lack of updates, work has a way of interfering. Tomorrow I'll be attending a conference at the Brookings Institute: "The Conservative Legal Movement and the Future of Liberal Jurisprudence." I'll post a review of the event on Friday.

Some names you might recognize from the press are:

  • Dahlia Lithwick, Supreme Court correspondent from Slate
If you follow the legal side of things, you might also recognize some notable professors:

  • Noah Feldman (Harvard, also the author of Scorpions, another great read about FDR and the Court)
  • Pamela Karlan (Stanford, Public Interest, and a Board member at the American Constitution Society)
  • James Ryan (University of Virginia, oversees their SCOTUS clinic, argued Abbott v. US in OT10)
Also in attendance will be Lee Liberman Otis from the Federalist Society (she previously clerked for Justice Scalia, and is currently an adjunct law professor at Georgetown) and Judge Harvie Wilkinson III from the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals (a conservative, he voted to uphold indefinite military detentions and has been considered for a Supreme Court nomination).

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