Sunday, March 25, 2012

Saturday night has been quiet. The rain stopped around mid-afternoon, but everything and everyone is wet and cold.  One paid line stander decided he no longer cared to face the world and hid under his tarp. The rest of us made light conversation until the cold seeped too close to our bones and we retreated to our personal corners.

Dana stopped by to let me go home and shower, and he'll be keeping my seat for the next few hours as I catch some much needed shuteye. The line has only grown by one person (our second Carol), but she disappeared for several hours as she explored the Methodist church. We saw her briefly again as she helped the group arrange a pizza delivery, but she didn't have a sleeping bag, umbrella, or even so much as a change of clothes so I hope she decided to skip the line for the night.

Several passersby expressed interest in joining our lineup, but after hearing the weather forecast tonight (more of the same dreary rain) they felt Sunday morning would be best. I have to agree.

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